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....And Then Again,

…I recently ran across something that struck a chord with me, essentially it was a post that made the claim that there is nothing that can be said that hasn’t already been said in some form or another before. It went on to speculate that we are all, each of us today here in this World, equally guilty of some form of plagiarism or another as we communicate our thoughts and ideas. Apparently, through the books that we have read, the broad array of varied and assundry media that we share, and our wide berth of collective history…we’ve kind of already said it all and are basically “re-hashing” the same ‘ol, same ‘ol again and again , just simply inserting different adjectives and adverbs in the dim hope that we can retain some sense of “uniqueness” within our shared discourse …How Depressing is that!!!
You know I’ve gotta tell ya I’ve been involved in more ridiculously imaginative verbal intercourse than I have the “noun-based” kind (-Oh well, right!) and in retrospect I must say that I’m …

...On Avoiding Meaningful Human Interaction.

...Warning, potentially useless and unneccessarily wordy drivel piece. I don't suggest that you read any further than this, unless of course you happen to be a glutton for ridiculous prattle, and, you are too bored to bother with any other form of Real Adult Interaction, which, by the way, is my reason for posting this essay in the 1st place!...If, by the way, this warning describes you, please read on and feel free to comment, if, unlike me, you can figure out how to do so within this comepletely un-navigatible site!

Just lately it's become more and more apparent to me that I find myself living in a world that chooses "back-door" communication styles rather than the more "Intimate" "Face-to-face", or even "Mouth-to-ear" variety of human interaction. Would somebody please explain to me why it has become so terribly much more important to hammer out a text or a facebook "splash" rather than to pick up a telephone and utter the s…