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Thursday, January 26, 2012

....And Then Again,

…I recently ran across something that struck a chord with me, essentially it was a post that made the claim that there is nothing that can be said that hasn’t already been said in some form or another before. It went on to speculate that we are all, each of us today here in this World, equally guilty of some form of plagiarism or another as we communicate our thoughts and ideas. Apparently, through the books that we have read,  the broad array of varied and assundry media that we share, and our wide berth of collective history…we’ve kind of already said it all and are basically “re-hashing” the same ‘ol, same ‘ol again and again , just simply inserting different adjectives and adverbs in the dim hope that we can retain some sense of  “uniqueness” within our shared discourse …How Depressing is that!!!

You know I’ve gotta tell ya I’ve been involved in more ridiculously imaginative verbal intercourse than I have the “noun-based” kind (-Oh well, right!) and in retrospect I must say that I’m challenged to contemplate even the remotest of possibilities that the crap that I’ve sometimes discussed has ever been uttered by another even semi-sensible individual! (-“God” I hope not at any rate ...that would be Doubly Pathetic).  That being said, (possibly for the “umpteenth time” if the passage that inspired this rant is indeed true), we must truly live in what I can only characterize as a “WoodyAllenesque-Plane-of-Existence”, one as dark as the deepest Black Hole!!

Now I, for one, have a fairly broad spectrum of what I would call acquaintances, a decent array of folks that I can assume (I Hope!) are friendly in nature (most-of-the-Time), and an infinitely smaller variety of humanoids that I can get to listen to my own “inner-workings” without too much noticeable yawning and cursing (at least in front of my back!). Now, That being said , perhaps I need to reanalyze my own mumblings and start  paying more implicit attention to the message and not just the “verbal dressing” part of the subtext that so tantalizes and enrapts me in the Grand Hope that I may be able to put together something that more uniquely represents ME to each of YOU !!!

Then Again….Maybe Not…..

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

...On Avoiding Meaningful Human Interaction.

...Warning, potentially useless and unneccessarily wordy drivel piece. I don't suggest that you read any further than this, unless of course you happen to be a glutton for ridiculous prattle, and, you are too bored to bother with any other form of Real Adult Interaction, which, by the way, is my reason for posting this essay in the 1st place!...If, by the way, this warning describes you, please read on and feel free to comment, if, unlike me, you can figure out how to do so within this comepletely un-navigatible site!

Just lately it's become more and more apparent to me that I find myself living in a world that chooses "back-door" communication styles rather than the more "Intimate" "Face-to-face", or even "Mouth-to-ear" variety of human interaction. Would somebody please explain to me why it has become so terribly much more important to hammer out a text or a facebook "splash" rather than to pick up a telephone and utter the same sentiment along with their useful "understood" nonverbal "cousins" like "tone-of-voice" and inflection.  Haven't we all spent so much of our lives specifically crafting  these nuances in order to make ouselves that much better understood?!

Now don't misunderstand me, I realize that there are times when a quick text, especially when we're in a hurry and literally don't have time for idle chatter, can be useful. No, what I'm witnessing is the evolution of a useful communication tool (texting) that was designed for quick "over-and-out"... "on-the-go"..."slam-bam" barrages of syllables and words into some sort of other-worldly way of escapism from each other...Yes and I Am aware of the fact that I am, just now by blathering on in this manner,  participating in what I am attempting to describe!...Yes I too am Pathetic!!

What I guess pisses me off about this current Darwinian leap is that we are excising an important part of how we have historically represented ourselves to one another by removing the nuance in our voices and replacing it with written characters that can't possibly convey the same emotion! How often have you found yourself "finger-tapping" some seemingly important idea to some obviously important person w/n your constellation of friends or relatives? Why-The-Hell would we choose to be so blatently impersonal with someone in our lives who we felt compelled to share idley-important-chattel with in the first place?!...Dammitman...

Hell I do it myself, but lately it occurs to me how ridiculous, how emotionless and just how hopelessly disinterested I must appear to be to the people whose very approval I find myself seeking. Just Sayin'.

..."tappin' one off here Boss"

"...The World is the World'