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Saturday, March 17, 2012

.....tHE pUZZLE

It’s been a little while since I’ve had anything new to add here to this semi-autobiographical forum of mine and I suppose that it’s due at least in part to some degree of laziness from my end. The potential for commentary happens daily and frequently is filtered and modified by the confluence of events and conversations that I have with others as well as those that take place within the narrow boundaries of my own soul.

Let’s get started shall we……

It’s not always what you may think “it” is. There’s a certain distinction to be noted, one that periodically gets redrawn, depending upon one’s point of view, one’s own unique point of reference. Lines of thought, beliefs, goals, the daily maps that we attempt to adhere to as we make our way into the fray of our heavily populated lives…..the plans that we formulate in an attempt to influence the events that swirl discordantly about us. There seems to be by necessity the need to build in layer upon layer of contingency……escape hatches for implementations’ sake to use when things go amiss. As much as we may want to try and project our “self predicted” outcomes onto the paths of some as yet to be seen future history, we are oftentimes surprised when this road which previously we had expected to be straight and flat becomes a bit bumpy and twisty. The lives of others become influenced by the unseen others who dwell upon the highways of their own misunderstood, misinterpreted lives. For Better or Worse we all share this similar undulating format that is Life. The puzzle that we are given so very early on to try and manipulate and piece together…the picture on the box…the one that is supposed to reflect our perception of who we are and where we think we will be “going”. Pieces get misplaced (-or Lost) as we take time out from the complicated endeavour that is our unique task…new pieces are tried in the slots left open by the pieces swept away while we slept…while we rested from the arduous task….square pegs in the round holes….the dis-angular shapes left behind from our other seemingly important musings….the picture on the box no longer is our guide…..the game that is us morphs……resynthesizes. A new picture takes shape from the heavily re-manipulated puzzle pieces…..we move on to new (and possibly better) but paradoxically different equally puzzled landscapes. A forward direction but not as the crow flies….the path once seen from a distance in the haze of the as yet to be realized future…the mirage that we believed to be true at the beginning of a journey….the straightaway brickwork that we envisioned from afar proceeds “North” but twists unexpectedly and takes much longer than our expectations were led to be believed….beckoning us forward still…..promising much……welcoming us somewhere into the unknown….into the Mist.