Pay Attention

Be informed.
 Politicians are accountable and are here to both serve and inform us. Their jobs, (and that's just what they are -Jobs), are granted to them by those of us who are eligible to vote, All of us, not just those of us wealthy enough to write enormous contribution checks that support personal agendas and selfish financial gains. We are literally their collective employer and they exist exclusively to report to and respond to our needs wishes and shared values, as well as to support our Constitution and the laws that we deem prudent to it.
I would say that as a general rule pretty much all politicians manipulate the truth on a sliding scale determined by the audience they're trying to appeal to on any given day. Trump, however, has proven himself time and time again throughout his lengthy recorded history, and, more importantly since his latest stint in elected office, to be effectively without peer in his ability to unashamedly and enthusiastically launch distortions …

Christmas Letter

December 25, 2017
Dearest Cindy:
Well, first of all, Merry Christmas Dear, and good morning! Our very first Christmas together,~how Wonderful. 
This time last year Cindy ******  wasn’t even on my radar, today you populate my thoughts throughout the day and even occasionally as I lay sleeping at night. It’s quite amazing what good things life can deposit from far afield beyond even the horizons of our wildest imaginations. 
I am so very very grateful for your good company,Love.
Quite honestly, I’m afraid the gifts under the tree really won’t do justice towards reflecting what you’ve brought into my life this past year. I’m not terribly good at finding the perfect item as far as presents are concerned and I’m loath to say my shopping resources have seen better days. Wish that I could present some wrapped thing that might marginally reproduce the joy you’ve given me spiritually these last 11 months. Store bought items rarely reflect the emotional currency we wish them to represent. ~How could…

...Tree and Turf~

It’s gonna be a Great Summer…!

"Thankyou very nice"

Although there really is very little rhyme or reason (~certainly not “Reasoning”) involved in these essays that I post from time to time, I suppose that even where fiction is concerned there is always some element, or aspect, that comes from within the author himself however ridiculous,inane, horrible or even comically intended that piece may be.
I write because I feel moved to do so, whether it’s because I feel compelled to describe some truly weird event happening in my terribly uninteresting life, or because I’m bored of my so-called existence here and would rather choose to express something more compelling (-to me mind you) than to contemplate another useless day of my own as it would normally unravel before me.
Some of the folks who read the things that I write are friends and family members and I am honored that they take the time occasionally to glance here and to look at what I have to say every so often. Apparently some of the individuals reading my page wandered here haphazar…

Holiday Thought...

Well here it is another Thanksgiving come and gone with Christmas hurrying around the corner like Lance Armstrong on an anabolic high and New Years’ soon to be just another memory before we even have time to put away the funny looking pointy party hats.
The Holiday season often seems to drag out getting here but once Turkey day arrives it’s an all out sprint to January One and if you get too caught up in the whirlwind rush of festivity preparation it becomes all too easy to miss out on the importance of these get-togethers to begin with.
Now I don’t mean to get off on a rant here and I certainly know better than to weigh in on any of the religious overtones that tend to be so closely associated with this Holiday time of year. I’m a bit older now which goes without saying, we all are. Unfortunately older doesn’t mean wiser –at least not in my case apparently (-or at any rate that’s what younger folks seem to want to point out, but hey they’re “younger” so what the hell do they know anyho…

A Letter To My Sister ...For Her Birthday~

October 2012


Dear Sarah:
Well hopefully this should reach your humble little doorstep on the appropriate day this coming Saturday, and, well if by chance NOT, I plan to blame it on the U.S. Postal service, the weather, gas prices, Plague-n-Famine, and a whole host of other potential possibilities other than myself and singularly Poor Planning on my part!
You have been on my mind much lately and not just because of the forthcoming National Celebration of your much adored birth (~as if that wasn’t enough you may add) –will there be parades this year or is that planned for 2013? No I actually do tend to think about my sister and her little brood of Boys-to-Men down South in “F-da” (-just made that up right there on the spot for you –“F-duh”, I kinda like it although perhaps it does gravitate a little towards the PG-13 in a Freudian-slip kinda unintentional way).
I thought that perhaps this year we’d simply skip the whole store-b…