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......Count No Man Lucky

…..I mentioned in an earlier post that I’ve somehow made it, (miraculously), to the “5 score +” point in the years category of marking time ( Well past my “half life” as one of my
bouncers in a former life of mine once described my relative age!). In my working experience along this seemingly uncharted course, I’ve held quite a few very different unrelated positions in which I was able to put together “some coin” and manage to eek out some sort of sustainable existence (some better than others). No complaints here in this department, I’ve Made some Money…I’ve Spent some Money. Now if the Truth be Told, I’ve Spent more money than I’ve ever actually Made which can present some fairly serious financial hiccups from Time to Time, that can, (and Do), produce some relatively uncomfortable Stresses “a veces”, but, really on the whole I’ve developed some fairly good memories (-and Stories) which I’ve “banked” from these spending episodes so I can’t really complain too loudly or too frequen…

....."is the Place to Be"

I found myself riding home from work this evening with a friend of mine, I should say an old friend of mine probably. My car had decided that yesterday was as good a time as any to deliver its latest round of negative karma to me in the form of total engine failure on a busy highway in Asheville (another story altogether), and at any rate that’s why my buddy and I were sharing a ride.

It’s funny to me the broad range of purely ridiculous topics that Jeff and I so often find ourselves discussing, also particularly disturbing, in retrospect mind you, is the passionate quality of the debate on said discussed topics….. .For instance, somehow, don’t ask, the “discussion” began with the topic of people talking on their cellphones while driving and thereby recklessly endangering the lives of others with their irresponsible behavior. Reasonable discussion, responsible subject matter, adult oriented cautious-minded discourse……in a span of 4 or 5 minutes of highway driving, at an alarming rat…